Sunday, May 22, 2005

Pod Squad

Over the past six months or so I have become a huge fan of Podcasting. The range and variety of content is truly amazing. Where else can I listen to Blues from London, Space Music from the Netherlands, Tech interviews from Australia and Celtic Music from the northeast USA! Although I do listen to several music-oriented podcasts, I am also listened to two different novels being podcast a chapter at a time and the quirky forsaken and Berkeley Groks programs as well. Below is the full list exported straight from my iPodder. The links are the actual RSS feeds so you can copy them straight to your podcatching client if you wanna take any of them for a test drive!
Future Tense - Short tech news bits from American Public Radio
Adam Curry: Daily Source Code - Good source for info on new podcasts
IT Conversations - Talks from IT-related various conferences and Moira Gunn's excellent Tech Nation
Tokyo Calling - An American living in Tokyo
Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd - - Radio drama/parody/comedy
Raven'n'Blues - Blues music program broadcast from British Armed Forces Radio
WGBH Morning Stories Podcast - Tony Kahn's excellent bio-clips
Science at NASA Feature Stories Podcast - Science and Astronomy news from NASA
In the Trenches - Information and experiences for Systems and Network Admins
Engadget Podcast - Gadget news
The Rock and Roll Geek Show - Great Rock and Roll music and conversation
On The Media from NPR/WNYC - Weekly dissection of Media related events
The Laporte Report Audio Edition - Leo Laporte's radio show segments
The Bag and Baggage Podcast - Intellectual Property talk with Denise Howell
Celtic Music News Podcast - News and great Celtic Tunes
Knobtweakers: Free Mp3 Blog - Free Electronica cuts
A Sampling of Michael and Evo's Science Fiction Podcasts - Master Feed - All the shows from the Dragon Page
MOREVI by Tee Morris - Podcast Serialization - Fantasy novel with a new chapter every week
ThePodcastNetwork :: G'day World - Good interviews from Mick and Camm in Australia
Biddycast - The Lascivious Biddies talk about their life and times as an indie music group
Kentucky - Public affairs interviews concerning the state of Kentucky
Morning Coffee Notes - Dave Winer's musings on media, technology and life
The Roadhouse Podcast - The best Blues you've never heard
The Echoes Podcast - Interviews with artists who appear on the Echoes space music radio program
EarthCore: A Podcast Novel - Weekly chapters of EarthCore read by the author
Caribbean Free Radio - News, sound scene tours and music from Trinidad
Speechless - New instrumental music
ThePodcastNetwork :: The Jazz Show - Jazz music and commentary
Slice of Sci-Fi - Podcasts - Science Fiction in the Media
Berkeley Groks Science Radio Program - Interviews with scientists as only the Groks guys can do
SCI FI Wire - The latest Science Fiction news from the SciFi channel
MAKE: Blog - Audio blog from the editors of Make magazine
Spacemusic hosted by *TC* - Space music and sound scene tours from the Netherlands - making science radioactive - NPR's Science Friday segments
this WEEK in TECH - Leo Laporte and the old Screen Savers gang kibitz over tech news
Firesign Theatre podCast - Firesign Theater segments that air on NPR

You can find more info about Podcasts at these fine sites:
Podcast Alley

The meek shall inherit the earth. The rest of us will go to the stars.

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