Thursday, June 16, 2005

World of Ends

One of Doc Searls' posts today reminded of the World of Ends document that tells what the Internet Is and Is Not. Required reading for anyone doing business on or attempting to regulate the Internet. Here's the nutshell sniped from the World of Ends site:
1. The Internet isn't complicated
2. The Internet isn't a thing. It's an agreement.
3. The Internet is stupid.
4. Adding value to the Internet lowers its value.
5. All the Internet's value grows on its edges.
6. Money moves to the suburbs.
7. The end of the world? Nah, the world of ends.
8. The Internet’s three virtues:
a. No one owns it
b. Everyone can use it
c. Anyone can improve it
9. If the Internet is so simple, why have so many been so boneheaded about it?
10. Some mistakes we can stop making already

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