Monday, July 25, 2005

Science Fiction via the Creative Commons

I am an avid reader of the science fiction genre. Back in 2003 I discovered Cory Doctrow’s work via his postings on the Boing Boing collaborative weblog. Cory released his first work, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom under a Creative Commons license allowing folks to freely download, read and redistribute the intact work as long as attribution is given to Cory and no money is made off the redistribution. The technical term is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is an excellent read and I have eagerly been following/downloading Cory’s additional works as he releases them.
So from Cory we now have:
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (Download)
A Place So Foreign and Eight More (Short Story Collection, Download)
Eastern Standard Tribe (Download)
Someone Comes to Town; Someone Leaves town (Download) This novel has additional terms to its Creative Commons license, See the download page for more details.

I have read Cory's first three novels and am currently reading Someone....

Here are some additional authors who have released some of their works under the CC-license:

Charles Stross has released his latest novel, Accelerando! (Download)
I've read Accelerando! and throughly enjoyed it. It starts out like Eastern Standard Tribe then takes a left turn into hyperspace ;-)

Mike Brotherton has released Star Dragon (Downloads on right side of page)

Peter Watts has released the first two books of his Rifters series: Starfish (PDF Download) and Maelstrom (PDF Download).

You can already find alternative formats for Starfish and Maelstrom at

Sorry for the dense linkyness, but I wanted you guys to have access to all the information I dug up.

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