Thursday, September 29, 2005

New Crackberry

As a firmly addicted Blackberry user, I was excited to hear from Engadget/Pinstack about the Blackberry 8700 pictured at left.

Quick Stats:
- Speaker Phone
- Bluetooth
- Memory: 16MB RAM / 64MB Flash
- Polyphonic Ringtones
- Support MP3 ringtones
- Updated Form Factor
- Full QWERTY keypad
- Dedicated Send & End Keys
- Mute Key
- On/Off Key
- 2 User-Definable Keys
This blackberry should come with a 320x240 VGA Colour LCD and should feature a 312Mhz processor, It should be annouced to markets sometime the end of this month, available to carriers maybe arround the end of the year or early next year....

Gimme one NOW!!!
The American public knows what it wants,and deserves to get it good and hard. - H.L.Menkin

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