Sunday, February 05, 2006


September 22, 2006 is OneWebDay. Its a day to remind people that the Internet is a place not just a collection of network equipment and data pipes. Doc Searl's wrote an excellent piece about this issue called Saving the Net. Here's a quote:

We who know and understand the territorial nature of the Net need to appeal to the same territorial sense in those we hope to win over with our arguments.

Advocating and saving the Net is not a partisan issue. Lawmakers and regulators aren't screwing up the Net because they're "Friends of Bush" or "Friends of Hollywood" or liberals or conservatives. They're doing it because one way of framing the Net--as a transport system for content--is winning over another way of framing the Net--as a place where markets and business and culture and governance can all thrive.

Please go and read Doc's entire article. When you're done go visit the OneWebDay wiki and find a way to participate.



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