Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And Now This Message

I have made a ceaseless effort not to ridicule, not to bewail,

not to scorn human actions, but to understand them.
—Baruch Spinoza

You can make a difference.
Support the Skeptics Society’s donation drive
and support rational skepticism and science education
The Skeptics Society is a member-supported 501(c)(3) non-profit scientific and educational organization of scholars, scientists, historians, professors and teachers, and anyone curious about controversial or revolutionary ideas, extraordinary claims, and the promotion of science. Our mission is to serve as an educational tool for those seeking clarification and viewpoints on those controversial ideas and claims.

About our work
In 2006 the Skeptics Society made strong inroads into the media as well as educational institutions through dozens of lectures at colleges, universities, and high schools around the country, through hundreds of media interviews on radio and television (most notably on Intelligent Design creationism, 9/11 conspiracy theories, and alternative medicine claims), and through dozens of opinion editorials, reviews, essays, commentaries, and articles published outside of Skeptic magazine, furthering our reach into communities not traditionally steeped in science and skepticism.

Of course, we maintained our usual activities of sponsoring a dozen monthly science lectures at Caltech, hosting our annual conference at Caltech (on The Environmental Wars), publishing Skeptic magazine, eSkeptic newsletter, and Junior Skeptic magazine, maintaining our website, and fulfilling tens of thousands of orders through our catalogue of science- and skepticism-related books and DVDs. We are able to do this, and much more, thanks to your support. And so, on behalf of the Skeptics Society, our staff, volunteers, and members, we thank you for your support in our 2007 donation drive.

Donations make it happen
Your donations support our media appearances and provide millions of TV viewers and radio listeners with a skeptical, scientific viewpoint.

Without your support, we couldn’t send Dr. Shermer around the country to discuss and debate paranormal and science controversies. Without Dr. Shermer’s voice on television and radio, in lecture halls and magazines, your rational point of view would be sorely lacking in public discourse. When you see us presenting the skeptical side of the argument, you are seeing your donation dollars at work.

Many members choose to support the Skeptics Society with financial contributions above and beyond their membership fee — please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us further our goals and accomplishments in 2007.

The rewards
Those of you whose contribution fits a donation category below are eligible to receive the following:

Patron — $5,000 or more
Dinner with Michael Shermer and a world-renowned scientist (to be announced), and a private insider’s tour of the Mt. Wilson 100-inch telescope used by Edwin Hubble to discover the expanding universe, and use of the 60-inch telescope for the evening for a private star-gazing party. In addition, you will also receive the three gifts listed below.

Benefactor — $1,000 or more
Two complimentary tickets to the 2007 Skeptics Society Conference at Caltech on War & Terrorism (NOTE: NEW DATE October 26–28, 2007) plus you will also receive the two gifts listed below.

Sponsor — $500 or more

A three-year subscription to Skeptic magazine for yourself or a friend, plus choose a gift listed below.

Supporter — $100 or more

One free book of your choice:
  • Why Darwin Matters by Michael Shermer
  • The Bible Against Itself by Randel Helms
  • The Root of All Evil? Richard Dawkins’ DVD documentary
  • The Soul of Science a pocket-booklet by Michael Shermer

DONATE to The Skeptics Society

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