Monday, May 05, 2008

First Served

We are seeing lots of articles about Ethanol and Bio-diesel as sources of competition for oil-based products. We are all lusting for the day when we can but sub $3 E85 into our cars and trucks and thumb our noses at the "other" fuel. It occurs to me that the bio-fuels industry would be best served if it "ate its own dog food." I don't want to see ethanol or bio-diesel delivered in trucks powered by petroleum products. I want the bio-fuels industry to run as much of their infrastructure on bio-fuels as possible.

Same goes for farmers. Every farmer in America should have easy access to as much bio-diesel and ethanol fuels as they can use to run their day-to-day operations. Every farm town in America should have its own bio-diesel plant to keep the local farmers supplied. If there's enough demand put an ethanol plant there, too. Give the folks that produce the feedstocks for food, feed and fuel access to low cost fuels and we all win.

The bio-fuels industry will be seen as a more serious competitor to oil-based fuels when a significant portion of their production and delivery is "bio-powered."

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