Thursday, October 01, 2009

Red Mars: Part II

I've downloaded a second copy of the free Red Mars PDF from Suvudu. I put it through the same conversion steps that I used originally: Attempting the conversion from PDF to MOBI using both Calibre and Stanza.  I got the same results with this second round of conversions. After converting the Red Mars from PDF to MOBI format the bulk of the book is inaccesible; all that is visible is the table of contents and this message about purchasing the ebook and physical versions. 
Enjoy science fiction,
fantasy, horror, manga,
videogames, movies,
and graphic novels?
Visit for news, videos,
community, interviews,
contests and much,
much more!
Purchase a physical copy
of this book:
Random House Read al the books in this thril ing series:
Red Mars
Physical Book
Green Mars
Physical Book
Blue Mars
Physical Book
Either Suvudu cooked the PDF so as to "break" when a conversion is attempted or was ham-fisted about inserting the above text and broke the PDF in a way that causes a problem with the conversion process.

Regardless the PDF is useless for reading on the Kindle1. which was probably their intention all along.

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