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Cities: Our journey to a smarter future

Welcome to ‘Cities: Our journey to a smarter future’, a collection of videos examining the challenges facing UK and Irish cities today.

Hear from experts and those involved in creating the change necessary to help our cities deliver the services, safety and infrastructure our citizens need.

Watch the films, share them with a friend and let us know your thoughts. Is your city ready for the challenges that lie ahead?

Select a title from the choice below to view:

Introducing The Smarter City The Living City Powering the City City in Motion Developing the City City of Dreams

Introducing 'The Smarter City' (1)

In this, the first film, the vision of a Smarter City is introduced. The film centres around the city as a system of systems, with the citizen being at the heart of each of these. It is only when the different city constituents collaborate that this progress will come about.

“Every city is competing, not just in the UK, but all around the world. Those that are going to come out on top are those that are smart enough to work together in all the areas where they can gain benefit.” John Palmer Director of Communications & Public Affairs, Sheffield Hallam University

How smart is your city? Now you’ve seen where progress is needed, how does your city measure up? Download the report to assess your city Download the report to assess your city.

The Living City (2)

This second film further develops the concept of smarter cities. Initially, the focus is on smarter healthcare and how as cities become increasingly populated, the way in which health and social care is administered must change. The second half of the film highlights the need for an educated workforce; in essence, smarter citizens will lead to the creation of a smarter city.

“It’s often not the resource base. It’s often not even the scale of it. It’s about thinking in new ways about how to do this.” Dave Smith Chief Executive, Sunderland City Council

Powering the City (3)

The third film in the series shifts focus to the supply, production and management of energy and water. Why must cities implement a smarter energy system? This film explores this very question.

“We’re going to have to move to a whole new world of what’s being called a smart grid to actually integrate the power system much more effectively…”  David Clarke Chief Executive, Energy Technologies Institute

Plugging in the consumer: Read how consumers will soon be participating in the energy supply network. Download the full report Download the full report.

City in Motion (4)

Congestion charging, electric vehicles, traffic management and improved bus and train services are all changing the face of transport - but how do we continue leveraging these new advances with fewer resources and a growing city population?

“We need more integrated public transport in our cities. London’s got the Oyster Card; why don’t other big cities outside of London have a smartcard system?” Dermot Finch, Chief Executive, Centre for Cities

Intelligent transport: How can your city improve its mobility? Download the report and find out how Download the report and find out how.

Developing the City (5)

The office buildings we inhabit, working patterns and the nature of inward investment are all changing. This film explores how as we focus on the city as a place of work and centre for business.

“Growth in a city can provide a test bed for new technologies and new approaches; which can then inform what you do with existing buildings, businesses lifestyles and so on.”  Trevor Gibson Director of Environmental Strategy, Opportunity Peterborough

Office of the future. IBM's vision of the office of the future. Download the paper. Office of the future. IBM's vision of the office of the future. Download the paper.

City of Dreams – available in 2D and 3D (6)

For the final film in the series, we change pace and look to the future, providing a glimpse of what promises to be a Decade of Smart in the social and economic development of the city. In 10 years' time, our cities are likely to have changed significantly. In this film, all of our contributors, along with members of the public, discuss how they see their city changing and what we can look forward to and come to expect in the future.

“What will the high street look like in 10 years time? Will we still have shops or will we all be shopping online? Will cars drive themselves? Will my health be monitored continuously?” Bharat Bedi, Master Inventor, IBM

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