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2011 3D Printing Predictions - MakerBot Industries

2011 3D Printing Predictions

Dec 31, 2010

When we first started MakerBot, we were most interested in what individuals would do with access to a 3D  printer. Thingiverse shows everyday that amazing things are possible with this new tool. The question I’ve been asking myself is what can a community of 3000 MakerBot Operators do together? Last night on my personal blog I made some predictions for 2011 and two have to do with MakerBot Operators.

  1. The community of more than 3000 MakerBot Operators will do something on a global scale. I’m not sure what, but I feel it coming.
  2. Someone will upload a digital design to Thingiverse that will have an impact on lives in places where there isn’t a daily postal service. Not sure what, but got a feeling about this one too.

My predictions are pretty vague, but I can feel the potential energy of the community. I just know that the MakerBot community is going to do some special things in 2011. Got any ideas for giant collaborative or world changing projects? Post them in the comments!

This morning Joris over at i.materialize posted eleven predictions about 3D printing on TechCrunch.

  1. Makerbot will sell more than 10,000 3D printers in 2011.
  2. Bre Pettis will appear on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine in 2011.
  3. A designer will have revenues of over one million US dollars with a single 3D printed product in 2011.
  4. Both Stratasys and Objet will release $5000 desktop 3D printers at Euromold 2011.
  5. Zcorp & EOS will be the only major 3D printer manufacturers not to offer a desktop 3D printer in 2011.
  6. 3D Systems will launch a 3D printing service for consumers in 2011.
  7. At least five 3D printing startups aimed at consumers will launch during 2011.
  8. Adobe will buy Autodesk in 2011.
  9. Microsoft buys Dassault Systemes in 2011.
  10. 3D modeling software vendors will start to offer “light 3D printing” versions of their products
  11. 3D printed products will win at least two Red Dot Design Awards in 2011.

In 2009, we sold 750 MakerBots and in 2010, we’ve sold 2300 MakerBots. 10,000 more MakerBots is a pretty wild prediction, but it might just happen if 3D printing keeps going the direction it’s going! Joris’ predictions match up with my feelings that 2011 will see a lot of action in the 3D printing space!

I’d love to hear what your 3D printing predictions for 2011 are. Drop a note in the comments!

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