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Marmel - Help Make 5/10/11 Shun A Birther Day!

Help Make 5/10/11 Shun A Birther Day!

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Birthers.  Ew.  Seriously, just… ew.

They want to see the President’s papers.

And no amount of logic makes them stop harping on the issue.  

You may even know a few of these people.  You have to put up with them, because you work with them, or they’re family, or whatever.  

These Birthers are people who refuse to believe a black man could possibly be their president.  And like a screaming child in a shopping aisle, there’s just no reasoning with them.  Like a frustrated parent, we’ve been hoping to ride it out.

Well, it’s time to stop.  In even engaging these them, we’ve become part of the problem.

By treating birthers like they’re rational, in allowing them to continue the tantrum they started throwing after the 2008 election was over… we empower them. 

They are sore losers at best, bigots at worst.  And it’s time to stop enabling them.

So on May 10th,  I ask you to clearly, bluntly, kindly but firmly, treat them like the petulant little infants they are.

I ask you to join me, both in your actions, and by tweeting your feelings on this with the hashtag #ShunABirther – that 5/10/11 is offically “Shun A Birther” day.

Whenever you meet someone you suspect of harboring recreational bigotry and xenophobia… ask to see their intellectual papers whether you are at the shopping mall, in a restaurant, at the office or one of the remaining people on “Celebrity Apprentice.”  

Ask them if they believe Barack Obama is a United States citizen.  If they say yes, you continue like nothing happened.

But if they say no - if they tell you they believe Barack Obama is NOT the President because he’s not American - you raise your palm up and let them know they can talk to the hand.  You INSTANTLY cease conversation.  You go silent, and you shun.

You treat them like they treat fact.  You ignore.

If you’re at a store, you turn your back on them for an uncomfortable beat, and exit.  If you’re at a restaurant, you stop talking and when the bill comes, you tip NOTHING.  

You give them silence and the respect they deserve. 

May 10th.  I will be asking “Do you believe Barack Obama is a united states citizen?”  If the answer is yes, the day continues.  But if the answer is no, my being stunned turns into they’re being shunned.  

These people do not deserve the time of day from us if they are still living in the 1800s. Do not talk, Do not engage… Simply walk away because that birther is not your child and you don’t have to put up with the tantrum.  The more embarrassing your shun, the better.

Birtherism needs to be thrown on the crapheap of history with the Klan hood.  But it’ll never happen if we keep trying to talk to them like facts can change their mind, or logic can quell the undercurrent of fear and bigotry that fuels their issue.

Join me this tenth of May. 

 From now until then, pledge your support by sharing stories of birther stupidity and ignorance through Facebook and twitter links, with the hashtag #ShunABirther.

Then, on 5/10 - share your personal stories of how you turned your back on their ignorance.  Don’t confront, just shun.  Don’t debate, ignore.  Don’t engage… EMBARRASS.  WIth a smile and a pivot, make these people feel like the fools they are.

Do unto others as they would do unto The President of the United States, our Democracy and basic human civility.

Give ‘em the cold shoulder.  The silent treatment.  Turn your back on them.  Show them the door or your hand.

On May 10, 2011… Shun a birther!  

Ignorance shouldn’t be bliss.  It should be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Now:  Go ye forth and make this viral.  :)

-       Steve Marmel

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