Thursday, October 20, 2011

Daleks in Book Titles | The Mary Sue

I have to admit this does not look good for Piglet. Kathleen Jennings started illustrating her friends ideas for what she calls “The Dalek Game” in April, but we only just found out about them recently and so we’re going to bet on most of you guys not knowing about them either. More below.

As it turns out, Daleks of Literature appear to be cultivating numerous talents in an effort to further facilitate their domination over all other species. Traits like athleticism:

And an affinity with a number of animal species like owls,


And snails, with whom they must share something of a sympathy, as creatures of slimy flesh encased in a hard exterior.

Then they tried to see if they could disguise themselves as unassuming well-bred ladies of manners, in order to infiltrate high society.

The also heard that some people who wear pretty floral bonnets have no trouble ending those around them, so they tried that for a while.

You can sample even more results of The Dalek Game at Jennings’ website.

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