Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Coffee Cup a Day | 30 Days 30 Cups | cunicode

One Cup a Day project is an experiment on creativity and rapid manufacturing,
by ideating, designing, modeling and making available for production and purchase a coffee cup within 24 hours,
everyday during one month.

By the end of each day, a new espresso coffee cup was made be available for sale here.
The cups are printed in Glazed Ceramics by Shapeways.

*the following images are computer generated visualizations of the cups, not the actual objects.
As 3D-printing in ceramics is a novel and experimental process, the 3D-printed cups might look different than the images below.

Day 30 | Double Espresso Cup

Double length and double handles for a double coffee cup. | buy it here

Day 29 | French Coffee Cup

A dangerous cup with a pointy Tour Eiffel to celebrate the French coffeebuy it here

Day 28 | Golf Ball Cup

A cup textured like a golf ball | buy it here

Day 27 | Kryptonite Cup

A coffee cup with crystal structures | buy it here

Day 26 | Tub Cup

Extruded cup that looks like a bathtub | buy it here

Day 25 | Deer Cup

Hunting trophy coffee cup with a couple of ceramic deers. | buy it here

Day 24 | Knitted Cup

A cup wrapped by knitted ceramic string | buy it here

Day 23 | Helveticup

Cup featuring the Helvetica typeface | buy it here

Day 22 | Waves Cup

A wave pattern textured cup. | buy it here

Day 21 | Siamese Cup

A coffee cup with a tiny conjoined twin | buy it here

Day 20 | Spouted Cup

A coffee cup with a watering can spout | buy it here

Day 19 | Klein Bottle Cup

A coffee cup built with a continuous inside/outside surface as a references to a Klein Bottlebuy it here

Day 18 | Emmental Cup

A cheesy coffee cup | buy it here

Day 17 | Aroma Cup

Cup to smell the fresh coffee | buy it here
*with David‘s Nose

Day 16 | 50% Cup

Half a cup | buy it here
To literally drink a Tallat | Cortado

Day 15 | Fish Scales Cup

Fish-textured coffee cup | buy it here

Day 14 | Rich Bitch Cup

A coffee cup with a kick-ass ceramic diamond. | buy it here

Day 13 | Espresso Shot Cup

A never-standing coffee cup | Buy it here
Perfect for drinking espresso in one shot before it cools down.

Day 12 | ZigZag Cup

Coffee Cup with a ZigZag pattern | buy it here

Day 11 | Hard to Handle Cup

Annoying coffee cup with the handle inside out | buy it here

Day 10 | Savoy Cup

Homage to the world famous glassware piece Savoy Vase by Alvar Aalto.
Cup resembling the shapes of the iconic vase. | buy it here

Day 09 | Low Resolution Cup

Coffee cup with the look & feel of a low resolution 3D model | buy it here
(With a smooth and rounded inside wall for easy cleaning)

Day 08 | CupCake Cup

Delicious coffee cup | buy it here

Day 07 | Champions Coffee Cup

Drink your coffee like a winner | buy it here

Day 06 | 90 Degrees Cup

A coffee cup bent 90 degrees. | buy it here

Day 05 | Fat Cup

Over-fed coffee cup | buy it here

Day 04 | Bird Nest Cup

A coffee cup wrapped by a bird-nest like structure | buy it here

Day 03 | Eroded Cup

Digitally eroded coffee cup. | buy it here.


Day 02 | Studded Belt Cup

Remember those punk/emo belts studded with metal pyramids?
this coffe cup translates that look and feel to ceramics language. | Buy it here


Day 01 | Octo Cup

A nice coffe cup populated with eight handles. | Buy it here


Day 00 | Basic Cup

A small espresso coffe cup; 50mm dameter, 45mm tall.
with basic and smooth shapes. Buy it here

Design one yourself

This project is open for collaboration,
Here I make available the source files (as .3dm & .3ds files) of a template basic cup,
please, feel free to play around and modify it.
Share your Designs and I’ll post them at the Contributions Gallery.

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