Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get Alerts on Your Watch. Get inPulse | Hack inPulse: Features

Get inPulse and hack your watch!

inPulse is the perfect hacker accessory - a fully programmable Bluetooth SmartWatch.

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Customize your watch

inPulse is totally customizable. Our SDK can get you saying 'Hello, Watch!' in 5 minutes! Dive deeper and create your own app running right on top of our embedded OS. Code in C and get control over the OLED display, Bluetooth connection, vibrating motor, button, timers, interrupts and more.

Ambient data display

Ever had to check the ping-time of your server during a rolly-chair sword duel? Or maybe you've wanted to check sports scores in a more believable situation, like over dinner with the parents. Write a simple script to funnel data from the net to your watch. Check out our PingStat example app.

Connect inPulse to...whatever!

inPulse can connect by Bluetooth to all kinds of host devices: computers, laptops, smartphones, and certain Bluetooth-enabled toasters.
It plays best with Android, Blackberry, Mac, Windows and Linux. It's a two way connection, so inPulse can send packets back to the host based on user interaction.

Frequently answered questions

Watch out...APPS!

We've created a number of sample apps to get your started, including source code, tutorials and binaries to load on your watch. There's even a simulator, so you can start hacking before your watch even arrives!

Share your apps and get advice on our dev forum!

Tech specifications

  • 1.3" 96x128 pix full color display
  • ARM7 microcontroller running at 52MHz
  • 32kB total program space, 8kB RAM
  • Bluetooth 2.1 (L2CAP)
  • Over-the-air programming
  • Vibrating motor
  • 150mAh lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Charges via microUSB
  • Battery lasts up to 4 days depending on display/Bluetooth use


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